Christine Barbe 

Christine Barbe’s work is in nitely variable. The artist juggles with and produces videos, from which stem photographs, which in turn become installations. She enjoys creating links between her various experimental creations, whether they take the form of visual arts, videos or more traditional techniques like painting and drawing.

By playing with ambiguities and paradoxes, Christine Barbe develops a
visual style in which con nement, rootlessness, being caught between two worlds, the very essence of cultural identity and a sense of place – sometimes imbued with the fantastical – all come together. Just like the links she creates between the di erent media she uses, the multiple levels on which her work can be read move seamlessly back and forth, merging into one, producing a hypnotic e ect on the visitor.

Against a backdrop of imagery that is steeped in her memories of many travels, her works often strive to redraw the outer limits of an identity that
is constantly changing, always in ux – in short, to make waves above
the waterline. Placed in the heart of the installations’ devices the clean appearance of the artist provides a visual and audible performative dimension.

In the series Rêves de Rébellion (Dreams of rebellion), the artist makes a conscious decision to put herself front stage, tirelessly revealing a series of di erent states of being to the wider world, encompassing the strange, the counter-cultural, the agony in the ecstasy.