I was born in Grenoble. I studied at the Beaux-Arts of Grenoble and then in Paris. I am a graduate in fine arts and art Sciences as well as in cinematographic studies at the Université d’art Saint-Charles in Paris and at the Institute of Art and Archaeology of the Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. While pursuing an artist’s “career” from the outset by exposing regularly, I travelled extensively, establishing myself in some countries for long periods of time-in southern and northern Europe, the Caribbean and North Africa. These trips were often related to the departure of an artist-in-residence invitation, as in Germany (Centre Wansee. Berlin) where I worked the engraving, or in Morocco (Moussem of Asilah) where I worked the technique of “Monotype” (a derivative of engraving but in color and unique prints) and where I met many American artists. All these movements have been decisive for my upcoming plastic work where I practice painting as well as photo and video. It was in the context of a fellowship (Bourse Council de Santa Clara) and a workshop exchange that I started in the years 80 to go regularly to New York, then being represented by 2 galleries, one in California, one in New York, I expatriated a dozen Years in the United States. I work in this period (1980-1990) painting and Monotype with themes that expose the notion of American dream. My work is similar to the visual vocabulary found in Pop Art. The color that in this work is very intense, is totally related to my travels in North Africa. The influences of all these stays are telescoped. At the same time, from the years 80, I began to systematically take pictures as a kind of sketchbook that fuel the construction of my paintings. I return to Europe in the early years 90, a mutation linked to a change of agent representing me in France. Thanks to this new gallery, it is the return of personal exhibitions again in Europe, in Switzerland, in Japan. In continuity with my painting work, I work photography video and drawing. I establish bridges between the mediums – painting, Monotype, drawing, digital collages…

As the concept of “plastic photography” found its recognition in the art market, I gradually allowed myself to show my photographic work which, if it uses the photographic medium, differs from the traditional use Recognized. The final image proceeds from various manipulations and this practice is the characteristic of “plastic artists” and photography is no longer the sole prerogative of photographers.  

From now on, my work is at the porous border between photography, drawing and painting. In my recent work, I partially print the canvas of combined, cored, carved photographs. The voids are worked with inks that intermingle, accumulate, to give rise to landscapes bathed in colors both real (greenish, brown, black) and surreal (vert, mauve, orange, blue). 

These hybrid views speak as well of the inhospitable land of any place in which one arrives as a stranger, and the difficulty of finding its place and its field of life, as of the impact of man on the landscape/territory and its markup.